Review of Fooducate Wellness App

Unhealthy FoodsTaking full charge of one’s personal nutrition can seem like a daunting task as you walk up and down food items looking for something “healthy” and “nutritious”.

There are just so many tasty goodies already there to eat. Cookies, chips, cereals and burritos take no time to make and taste ok once you get past the BHA and BHT.

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But, comparing nutrition labels, is a whole other process and requires even more time and effort as well as a quick head to do all those calculations.

The good news, there is a better way of going about things.

What is Fooducate?

In this Fooducate App review, we’ll look at this wellness app that greatly facilitates the collection of top quality and nutritional food items. This is the very app the health and time conscious human needs to eat nutritious food whilst living a busy life.

How the Fooducate Wellness App Works

The Fooducate system will grade any food item on a scale from A to D which represents the nutritional value of the food in question.

There are ten different grades from A to D (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, and D).

The algorithm that is used by the Fooducate App determines the grades by the nutritional value found registered on the “Nutritional Value” list located on the food package.

Fooducate gives higher values to those foods with minimal processing and higher nutrient counts. Foods that have extensive processing and low nutrients get lower grades.

Fooducate is available for all Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded and applied on your very next trip to the supermarket.

fooducate barcode readerThere is a barcode reader linked to the app and this is how the information from the nutritional panel will be transmitted to the app for analysis. This makes it much easier to read the info right from the shelf and know exactly what you are buying.

You will also get a read out of the most important nutritional specifications for the food. This could be the fiber content or even the amounts of processed sugars.

There is also an option to look for similar products that could be considered more nutritious right there in your grocery store.

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You will also get a readout indicating the presence of any better options for this product here in the store. This will allow you to get the very most out of your shopping trip.

Fooducate also has specific features for food and exercise management, but the food rating system is what it is really all about.

Advantages of the Fooducate Wellness App

The barcode is really a great assistant when navigating a supermarket and looking for the best choices. Not only does it provide a simple alternative to reading labels but informs you if there are better options available.

You can also dig further into the program for more information about the food and app.

Disadvantages of the Fooducate Wellness App

fooducate reviewedWe thought it would be great if the designers had added the necessary functions to allow those with high cholesterol or high blood pressure to benefit from this information as well.

The good news is that this is available for a slightly increased price. There is also a version available for those with gluten intolerance, but again these must be bought separately.


Shopping for a healthy diet can be confusing and time consuming. This app certainly takes the hassle out of doing a good shopping and the price is not so steep.

Next time you are at the grocery market see how much time it could save you.

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