The Differences Between Isagenix And Shakeology

Isagenix versus ShakeologyThere is much debate about what the best diet shake on the market is at any given time.

It can be hard to decide which diet shake is best for you depending on your personal needs and goals.

Fortunately, that decision can be made easier when you have a clear understanding of what the differences between Isagenix and Shakeolgy. 

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These two shakes are two of the most popular options available and with good reason.

They provide the general nutrition that the body needs, including protein and essential vitamins, while also keeping the calorie content very low.

This naturally leads to weight loss while still having the nutrition the human body needs to retain energy and operate optimally.

There are a number of key differences that do not necessarily make one better than the other, but they should be considered as everyone has different needs and desires from their daily nutritional diet shakes.

Knowing these differences in advance can help you to make the best choice from the beginning.

isagenix shakeolgy meal replacementOne major difference between the two is how many servings per container of each provides.

The Isagenix container only holds 14 servings while the Shakeology container holds 30. This of course should not be the sole aspect that you should base your decision on.

Another major difference is the number of calories per serving in each option. The Isagenix option has 240 calories per serving while the Shakeology option has 160 calories per serving.

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If you are looking for as few calories as possible the later choice would be optimal, but if you plan to exercise a great deal then the former would typically be your best choice.

Additionally, the Isagenix has 24 grams of protein per serving, which is rather plentiful. The Shakeology has 17 grams. These differences again will impact your results when incorporated with an exercise routine.

The higher level of protein is ideal for someone looking to build muscle while working out. The higher level of protein will also naturally lead to a higher level of calories per serving. One is not necessarily better than the other, but instead your personal isagenix or shakeologyintent should be what determines your choice.

When it comes to the nutritional content from vitamin sources, the Shakeology option beats Isagenix in every category. The Shakeology shakes contain more Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B6 and calcium by significant amounts in each category.

However, again, it depends on what you are looking for in a diet shake as to whether or not that makes it a better option. If you will be consuming a balanced diet outside of the shake then these variances will not matter a great deal when it comes to your overall health.

Each of these shakes have different qualities to offer users. Isagenix provides more calories and protein, while the Shakeology option offers higher levels of essential vitamins.

The key is to determine which qualities you prefer and how they will impact your overall diet and exercise goals.

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