Negative Aspects Of The Ketogenic Diet

ketogenic disadvantages infographicThere is a great deal of hype about the Ketogenic Diet and the nutritional ketosis that can result from sticking to it rigidly.

However, there are some aspects that those that are looking for an answer to living a healthier lifestyle do not consider. Some of them, in fact, can actually be doing more harm in the long run than good.

The main benefits that this diet boasts is that those that go on it report a great deal of weight loss in a relatively short amount of time.

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Most of that weight loss is attributed to the fact that it requires that they only consume carbohydrates for five percent of their diet. By consuming so little carbohydrates will naturally lead to weight loss as they typically convert to sugar and can be hard for the body to process and use as energy.

Another appealing aspect is that the diet requires the dieter to consume fat 60 percent of the time. This, of course, allows the dieter to continue to consume foods that are usually considered to be bad for their health. This includes fatty meats, oils, butters which are known to be high in saturated fats as well. This is one of the biggest downsides of this diet.

Saturated fats are known to contribute to high cholesterol. This kind of diet could presumably be safe to use as a short term high protein dietsolution, but when it is consumed for the long term then the results could lead to serious health issues.

These include heart disease, strokes, clogged arteries and more. It is also believed that this diet could cause damage to the brain’s ability to process energy when used for the long term.

Essentially, the initial benefits from ketosis could eventually become a serious problem for the body’s functioning.

Another problem that those attempting this diet find is that they simply can not stick to it. This can lead to discouragement when it comes to improving their health.

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For those that are not completely intent on reaching ketosis for exercise purposes it clearly is not the best diet option. Finding that it is nearly impossible to eat at social gatherings, restaurants or really any meal that wasn’t prepared at home will only result in giving up.

If someone is trying to use this diet in conjunction with an exercise regimen that can prove to be difficult as well. The sudden near elimination of carbohydrates from the diet can have serious physical consequences.

One of the most commonly noted is that dieters find that they suffer from a high level of fatigue. This occurs because they body is not yet used to using fat instead of carbohydrates to create energy.

With time this usually recedes, but it can take a number of weeks for it to do so. Another complaint is having brain fog. This can leave people feeling as though they can not concentrate or perform their work duties as they usually would. This clearly could be detrimental in a professional environment or if you work in a hazardous industry.

Many people absolutely swear by the benefits that they have found by switching to the Ketogenic Diet.

Of course, given the weight loss that can occur almost immediately it is easy to understand why that would be the case.

However, those that are considering this diet should also think about how the long term use of this diet could affect their health.

Having all of the information at hand helps to make the best decision for your personal health.

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