A Review of the PlateJoy Program

Platejoy reviewedIf there’s one thing that many of us have in common, it’s the fact that we lead a very busy life.

As a result of our lifestyle, we may find it difficult to fit everything into a day that will allow us to make the most of it.

This is especially true if we are trying to eat healthily and to feed our family in the best way possible. Sometimes, things seem to get lost in the mix and our healthy way of eating is the first thing to suffer.

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Thanks to this healthy meal plan option from PlateJoy, things in our life just got a lot easier.

We really don’t need any convincing to know that eating at home and cooking our own food is always going to be the best option. In fact, it can be quite liberating when we put an end to the nightly stops at the fast food restaurant or Chinese take-out.

PlateJoy makes it all possible because it is a meal planning service that helps to put those healthy meal recipes right at our fingertips. Not only does it allow us to make healthy food but it even lets us know what we need to buy at the store in order to do it.

Taking a Closer Look at PlateJoy

One thing that most of us will admit is the fact that our taste may not be the same as somebody else’s. That is where many meal planning services fall short because they tend to push their own ideal as to what is best in front of you.

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With PlateJoy, however, you are the boss. You can personalize everything, not by spending a lot of time doing it but by letting the program know about the types of foods that you like (or don’t like), any allergies, special needs and even your schedule!

What you end up with is a plan that is specifically tailored according to your needs. It isn’t as if they try to squeeze you into a using platejoysingle mold but rather, they use 50 data points that are specific to you and your family so that you end up with a meal plan that is ideal for you as an individual.

Don’t worry about the data points, there isn’t anything technical about it. You just need to answer some questions and they will do the rest.

As far as the amount of time you need to set things up, it only takes a few minutes to get started. When it first begins, you may find that it is not exactly to your liking but with a little bit of updating as you go along, it will soon be picking the perfect meals for you and your family.

All that is really left at this point is to use the ready-made grocery list and head off to the store. You will then have everything necessary, including recipes so that you can cook your own, delicious food at home.

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