Which One Is Better For You – 21 Day Fix Or T25?

21 day fix program coverWhen it comes to physical fitness, there are a few different types of people.

One group of people want to create their own personalized fitness programs, and then there are those who prefer to have a program created for them.

If you are beginning your fitness journey, it may be easier for you to follow a proven and effective exercise plan. These types of regimens will help you figure out where you should begin.

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There are thousands if not millions of exercise regimens on the market to choose from. Some of these regimens are complete body workouts, while others focus on a certain part of the body.

For example, if you want to tone your stomach, you may choose a workout program with different ab exercises. Although many people would love to work solely on their trouble areas, these types of spot reduction exercises are not very effective on their own.

Two of the most popular workout programs currently on the market are 21 Day Fix and Focus T25.

These programs were founded by the same company, Beachbody. This company is one of the leading companies producing at-home workout programs for consumers to use to get in shape.

Founded in the last 1990s, it did not take long for this company to become a recognizable name in most homes around the world. The company has been able to maintain its reputation for creating quality products at affordable prices.

21 Day Fix

Even though this exercise program is geared towards women, men can also use it to get in shape. Autumn Calabrese is a popular celebrity trainer, and created this program to incorporate nutrition with exercise.

Many programs generally focus on one or the other, but for those who are looking for the right combo of nutrition and fitness, 21 Day Fix may be the best option.

The exercise regimen includes 30 minute exercises, 7 days a week. It also includes 6 different exercises such as:

Upper Fix
Lower Fix
21 day fix motivation tipsPilates Fix
Total Body Cardio Fix
Yoga Fix
Cardio Fix

If you are fairly new to working out, start out slowly and gradually build your endurance over the next few weeks. There is a modifier included with the exercise program.

Follow the person with the blue shirt on for a less demanding workout.

The nutrition part of the program utilizes the container system.

The containers are different colors and different sizes. Each container represents a food group that includes:

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Orange cup for seeds, dressings, nuts
Yellow cup for carbs
Green cup for vegetables
Purple cup for fruits
Blue cup for healthy fats
Red cup for protein

It is important to note that the meal plan is high in protein and vegetables, but it is not considered a diet that is low in carbohydrates.

Focus T25

This program is different from 21 Day Fix because it focuses only on exercise. It lasts for 10 weeks, and consists of two cycles.

One is Alpha and the other is Beta.

The Alpha cycle makes up the first 5 weeks of the program, and 5 workouts including:

Lower Focus
Total Body
Speed 1.0

The Beta cycle is then completed, and also includes 5 workouts for the 5 weeks.

These workouts are noticeably more intense than those in the first cycle. It includes workouts like:

Dynamic Core
Upper Focus
focus t25 resultsRip’t Circuit
Speed 2.0
Core Cardio

There is a nutrition guide included, but it is not as detailed as the one that is included with 21 Day Fix.

So, which one should you choose?

You will need to consider your current fitness level, motivation and weaknesses to choose the program that is best for you.

>> Lose Weight Quicker and More Efficiently Without Diet and Strenuous Exercise

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