The Ketogenic Diet & The Atkins Diet Compared

which is better keto or atkinsIt is rather common for people to believe that these two diet options are pretty much the same.

There is a reason that this confusion could easily exist, but in reality there are a number of differences that set them apart from each other.

To understand the reasons that these two diets actually do differ is to examine them separately.

The Ketogenic Diet was created in 1924 by a doctor looking for solutions for his patient’s health issues.

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One of its primary uses at that time was for people who suffered from epilepsy, commonly known as having seizures. It was discovered that it was highly effective at reducing or eliminating seizures in patients that followed the diet plan.

The principle behind the diet is to force the body to use ketones in the body instead of carbohydrates as a form of energy.

This is why the diet has a very low suggestion of consuming only five percent carbohydrates in the plan.

It then calls for sixty percent fat and thirty-five percent proteins.

Before this diet it was typically suggested to eat a diet low in fat so it was rather groundbreaking in its day.

How it works is that the body processes the fatty acids through the liver and then turns that into ketone bodies. Having elevated ketones in the blood is what is now known as nutritional ketosis.

The ketones are then processed by the body and broken down into ATP, which is what cells use for energy.

One of the major benefits of this is that by not consuming large amounts of carbohydrates the body’s blood sugar levels stabilize very quickly.

atkins compared to ketogenicAnother benefit is rapid weight loss. By forcing the body to process fat for energy it retrains the metabolism to not only burn fat that is consumed, but fat that is retained as well.

This of course naturally leads to weight loss.

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Finally, those that do reach actual nutritional ketosis find that their brain power has increased. This is believed to be due to the ketones reaching the brain, better providing it with nutrition than is possible with a normal diet.

The Atkins Diet does have similarities to the Ketogenic Diet in the fact that it does call for a radical reduction in carbohydrate consumption.

Like the Ketogenic Diet, this reduction naturally leads to weight loss as well as reduced blood sugar levels. One major difference, however, is that the diet does not call for a specific diet plan outside of reducing carbohydrates and calories from the diet.

With the Ketogenic Diet you have to follow a very rigid diet plan that calls for a set percentage of each source of nutrition.

One must focus very heavily on everything that they eat through the day. It also is setting the goal of reaching nutritional ketosis, which can be measured in the blood, so the goal is not only for weight loss, but instead a certain state of health.

the atkins dietWith the Atkins Diet there are set specifications of how much carbohydrates should be consumed, and in the beginning phase they are rather low, but the diet does not require much of a change in the rest of the diet.

Additionally, over time the diet permits for the dieter to slowly increase their carbohydrate intake, which is not an option on the Ketogenic Diet.

In short, there are clear similarities, most notably in reducing carbohydrate intake.

However, there are also very clear differences. The best way to determine which diet would be best for you is to consider what your ultimate goals are and how committed you could be to a strict diet across all food choices.

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