Atkins Diet Vs South Beach Diet – Similarities & Differences

south beach dietMany people make comparisons between the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet.

There are some similarities of course, but there are also stark contrasts.

Maybe you are considering taking on one of these diets, and you want to make a final decision about which one.

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Let’s get to looking at the differences between them so that you can decide on either the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet.

South Beach Diet or Atkins?

First of all, you will notice that both diets place restrictions on carbs.

However, the South Beach Diet is less restrictive when it comes to carbs. The diet is more restrictive, however, when it comes to unsaturated fats.

The Atkins Diet doesn’t limit the amount of fat you consume at all, as long as you aren’t eating a ton of carbohydrates in the process. That is one fact that has made people question how healthy the Atkins Diet is overall.

If the South Beach Diet isn’t so restrictive when it comes to carbs, and the Atkins Diet allows you to eat all the fat you can handle, why are these two diets often grouped together? They shouldn’t be, but let’s look at some of the reasons why they are.

First, you will find that the South Beach Diet has a restrictive phase just like the Atkins Diet. Furthermore, the Atkins Diet is south beach atkinsalso slightly less restrictive on carbs as you get closer to the maintenance phase.

Not only do both diets feature similar induction phases, but they each allow you to ramp up your carbs. Additionally, the induction phases for both diets are supposed to take two weeks.

The allowance of more carbs is supposed to have everything you do with individuals finding out themselves the ideal amount of carbs to add to their diets. That sounds empowering, and it fits with the idea that people do have carb sensitivities.

It could be argued that neither diet approaches weight loss from a balanced perspective. Oddly enough, it could also be argued that both of them do actually provide consumers with a road map to a balanced diet.

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Having done my own research and having been successful over the years following the Atkins Diet, I can tell you that it does work. Aside from the actual weight loss results, which can be quite rapid, the diet weens your body off the sugar and fried foods.

Many people think that the induction phase for the Atkins Diet is a little too much. In fact, I have encountered issues before trying to enter the state of ketosis, mainly due to being too restrictive on carbs and not diversifying my diet enough in terms of food choices.

Both the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet are suggested as fad diets that people can follow more easily than others, but that are harder to stick with. Why is that?

Part of the reason experts say is that the diets aren’t balanced, as mentioned earlier. However, there is another side to the story. People are used to eating all these extra carbs these days. To follow either diet and limit carb intake, which indeed should happen, people need to know what to eat.

what to eat on the south beach dietThat means recipes, new grocery lists and retraining the physical body to eat differently. Therefore, I would suggest that people take on these diets without the proper education.

With Atkins it is also possible to reach the maintenance phase, having lost the weight, and to be eating a balanced diet without all the processed food and carbs.

That is possible with either of these diets, but the problem is the grocery stores and advertising work against you.

Food these days is all about too many carbs.

Don’t believe me? Count them up. Or better yet, get your body to ketosis in 3 days and then walk into a grocery store. Your perspective will be much different.

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